People often ask me "what exactly is a RogueLemming?"
In order to fully understand what a RogueLemming is, you must first know what a lemming is. A lemming is a small animal similar to a mouse or a chipmunk. The reproductive cycle of a lemming is such that they experience periodic booms in population causing large groups of them to seek out new habitats. They travel in herds blindly following one another often over cliffs or out into large bodies of water where they will swim until they drown of exhaustion. Lemmings don't stop to question whether they are headed in the right direction or to consider the consequences of maintaining the status quo.
A lemming serves as the perfect metaphor for a person or group of people whom blindly and unquestioningly subscribe to societal doctrine often to their peril. Therefore, a RogueLemming is an individual who renounces the cannons of indoctrination in favor of having a unique and genuine life experience. They have chosen a new path that resonates with their genuine selves and allows them to live free of oppression and dogma. RogueLemmings are able to be themselves and explore their world with uninhibited wonder and excitement. Their lives are exhilarating because they own each experience as uniquely theirs and enriched by the myriad adventures that await them with the dawning of each new day. RogueLemmings are free!
And so I challenge each of you to......
Be Your Own Lemming!!!!!!!!
.....and leave mediocrity to the masses.