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Primary Builds

Traits: 0/20/0/20/30
Curses: IV, VI
Blood Magic: VI, VIII
Soul Reaping: VI, X, XII

Healing: Consume Conditions

Utilities: Well of Corruption, Well of Suffering, Spectral Armor

Weapons: Staff, Axe/dagger

Sigils: Superior Sigil of Fire on the Axe, Superior Sigil of debility on the dagger, Superior sigil of bloodlust on staff

Armor: Mix of Knight, Berserker, and PVT (Power Toughness Vitality) - See build link

Runes: Superior Runes of Divinity (if too expensive use of Air runes or any crit damage runes)

Build: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?fQAQNAnYWjQaZ6Vaab87JkJFdz4EpYYOGqHrD78hA-j0yAoLioRSBIBBisAkALiGbVrIasqFMVpgs6Mpe8lV7NCkQA9XAA-w
Note: Plague form can be switched out to Lich form for even more damage and life force gain
- Good Life force gain

- Heals group with wells, and Death shroud #4

- High damage

- Boon Stripping

- Long duration AOE weakness

- Good survivability

How to perform:

As the frontline is engaging the enemy group you want pop Well of corruption and Well of Suffering on the enemy, then slap as many marks (Staff) as possible on the most bunched up enemies. Then as you move up immediately switch weapons and apply Enfeebling Blood (Dagger #5) on the enemy for mass weakness. As you are moving up from Backling - to midline - and getting closer, use Unholy feast (Axe #3) then Spectral armor and hop into Death Shroud. Then start popping off Life blast (DS#1) after Life blast until you are around half Life force. Then use Life transfer (DS #4), and be sure to use Doom (DS#3) on a target that is attacking you. If you find yourself getting focused or taking a lot of damage drop a Well of Blood (healing skill) and pop into plague form switching between #2 and #3.

If you switch out plague form with Lich form. You can stay in the backline/midline and just DPS away in a less active role.

Traits: 0/5/30/30/5
Valor: IV, VI, XI
Honor: II, VIII, XII

Build Link: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?fUAQJASWlYgiDXFSLEfIFRuAbBYPwI8341jESRGC-jkCBYMBicAggAK7pIasFhTjt6KI6FYqTER1ecDZ1fIyCB0fBA-w

Healing skill: Signet of Resolve
Utilities: Wall of Reflection, "Hold the line!", "Stand your ground!", Renewed Focus

Weapons: Staff, Hammer

Sigils: Superior Sigil of restoration on Hammer, Superior Sigil of Life on Staff

Armor: Knight's Weapons, Soldier's/Sentinel's Armor, Knight's Accessories+Rings+Amulet. Mix of Beryl, Emerald, and Azurite jewels in those

Runes: 2x Runes of Water, 4x Runes of Altruism

The staff is for #3 skill while we're running, #5 skill and Wall of Reflection in the middle of the enemy zerg to break them up and #4 skill on staff to heal us. Then you have the hammer for the #5 skills which is GREAT crowd control. If you are having trouble keeping up with pancakez, switch out wall of reflection with Judge's Intervention. Make sure you use Virtue of Courage as soon as your aegis get's used up, and use Virtue of Justice once you are in the middle of the enemy group for an AOE blind. Save your Virtue of Resolve for healing in desperate times

Traits: 0/0/20/30/20
Earth Magic: III, VIII
Water Magic: V, IX, XI
Arcane Power: V, VIII

Build link: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?fEAQFAWhImKbwR5QlDAkHm4CLDFhMSRxM7A-j0xAocACCQOvIas1tioxqXwUqER1ukioVLEQ/xA-w

Healing slot: Glyph of Elemental Harmony
Utility slots: Arcane Wave, Armor of Earth, Mist form
Elite: Tornado

Weapon: Staff
Sigil: Superior Sigil of Bloodlust

Gear: PVT (Power Toughness Vitality) Weapon and Armor. Cleric jewerly with Sapphire gems (Power Toughness Healing power)
Rune: 6/6 Superior Rune of Dwayna

How to Perform:
Stay in air attunement while your group is moving about looking for a fight. You will want to keep swiftness up on the group with Air #4 (windborne speed), and you will want to have Static Field (Air #5) ready at all times. When your group is charging, being charged, or chasing a zerg... you will want to place that static field on the most BUNCHED/STACKED of the enemy. HOWEVER, do not waste your static field on groups smaller then your own. After you have placed your static field, hit the bunched up enemies with Gust (Air #3) to push them into the static ring, then hit Lightning surge (Air #2) on them to AOE blind. After that immediately use your Armor of Earth (Utility) and switch to Fire attunment and drop a Lava Font (Fire #2) and a Flame burst. Most of the time your group is going to be continuously moving so SAVE your Meteor Shower (Fire #5) for hitting enemies/Siege on walls. Immediately switch to Earth Attunment and drop and Unsteady Ground (Earth #4) and Eruption (Earth #2) in the middle of the enemy group. (Feel free to use Magnetic Aura as well to reflect projectiles; Earth #3). After this if the battle is still raging on , switch to Water Attunment, using Frozen Ground (Water #4), and Ice Spike (Water #2) on enemies. You can also use Water #3 OR Water #5 on yourself/your group if needed BUT always save one of those for whenever a "Healing Bomb" is called out. When you hear a "Healing Bomb" Called for in Teamspeak, you will want to be stacked on the driver and immediately hop in Water attunment, casting Water #3, or Water #5 on your stack followed by an Arcane Blast. This will produce a great amount of healing for your group, and yourself.

Traits: 30/10/0/10/20
Explosives: V, VIII, XI
Firearms: V
Alchemy: IV
Tools: II, IV

Healing: Medkit

Utilities: Grenade kit, Tookit, and Elixir S

Weapons: Rifle

Sigils: Superior Sigil of Fire on the Rifle

Armor: Mostly Knight, some Berserkers, and Valkyrie weapon - See build link

Runes: Superior Runes of Divinity (Air and Scholar also works)

Build: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?fcAQFAUl0piYH5SfF1LJyIFk2nBqAgJqQl95BblWQIA-j0yAoLE8FAFBhsAkALiGbVrIasqFMVpgs6MpejBN7OSqQA9XAA-w


HGH conditions is certainly a good build, proven and effective. But it's ability is very lackluster in a group setting, especially a large one, it is far better for roaming in solo or duo settings. With all of the condition cleansing anyway, you are better off leaving conditions to the necros.

I think engineers, as such a versatile class, actually have the most lee-way in gearing for a group setting. By simply having Elixir S, Elixir S @25% hp, and Tool kit, your survivability is amazing.

Our engineers would be far more useful in the group with a gear setup for burst damage.

- Great survivability

- Lots of burst damage to multiple targets whilst applying conditions from very long range

- 1200 range pull from toolkit, and long duration block from toolkit

- Multiple invulnerability

= How to Perform =

Stick with midline keep grenade kit on, the first thing you want to do is drop Supply crate on the enemy as soon as your group engages.
Then start chucking your grenades into the enemy group, especially where they are the bunched up the most. Start with Grenade Barrage and Throw wrench from your toolbelt abilities, then use grenade kit abilities -
For the grenade kit, always start from #5, and go down to #1 consecutively. (so throw #5, #4, #3, #2, #1 - in that order) and rinse and repeat the toolbelt and grenade kit abilities rotation as needed.

Feel free to use your toolbelt heal as needed as well, because this will also fire off a static discharge into a few enemies for 1k-2k damage.

What is so nice, is that you do not even need to keep an eye on your health (much) because with the traits, when you hit 25% hp you will shrink into Elixir S invulnerability for a few seconds. As soon as you drop out of this auto- elixir S , pop your Utility Elixir S if enemies are still around. While in elixir S try and back out a bit and heal with toolbelt heal and using Medkit. If you are still stuck in enemies you can also hop in ToolKit and use your block ability while disengaging.

The rifle on this build is useful for finishing people off, or really small engagements. Toolbelt also has a very long range pull to stop retreating targets.

Domination: V, VIII, XII
Chaos: V
Illusions: V, VI, XII

Full Carrion Set(Power/Vit/Cond)
Full PVT (Soldier's/Sentinels) Sword/Sword and Staff
Superior Rune of the Earth x6
Superior Sigil of Corruption on Sword once you get the 25stacks I switch out to my other staff that has Superior Sigil of Fire for the Flame Blast aoe trigger - Staff
Superior Sigil of Restoration - Staff
Superior Sigil of Battle - other Sword

Settler's Acessories, Rings and Amulet with Exquisite Passion Flower jewels

Skills: Ether Feast, Mirror Images, Feedback, Veil, and Time Warp

Build details: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?fgAQNAscWlwzaqXVTsGa9IhpCBH1jrDeuT6RpR9pB-jUyAoLBRaBI5AiEBkCLiGbtrIasadioa9CmXpIa1CB0fNA-w

How to Perform: You will be required to place *Veil* when the Driver asks for it, most of the time he will let you know ahead of time which Veil # you are for when he calls it. When he calls for Time Warp, you also want to put it on him.

Right before your group hits the enemy group you want to pop Feedback on the enemy so our frontline can do a leap finisher to them and get chaos armor. You will also want to hit mirror images and spawn one of your phantasms from your weapon abilities then hit *Diversion* from your shatter bar with an enemy targeted. This will Not only daze most of the enemy group, but stun a lot of them as well. Also remember double tapping your Sword #4 will daze enemies in a line. Make sure you use staff on the second push through the enemies.

Battle Scout

Traits: 0/30/20/0/20
Critical Strikes: I, VI, XII
Shadow Arts: V, VI
Trickery: VI, VII
Build Link: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?fYAQNAoYVlYm6OHby5E+5Ey2DfqCJKOFGVS5posGLA-j0yA4LBRyBIBBisAk+KiGbZsIas6FMVpQqyMyecMvBRUtMAMLA-w

Healing slot: Withdraw
Utility slots: Roll for Initiative, Tripwire, Signet of Shadows
Elite: Daggerstorm

Weapons: Dagger/Dagger, Shortbow
Sigils: Superior Sigil of Fire (on Main hand Dagger), Superior Sigil of restoration (off hand dagger), Superior Sigil of Bloodlust (Shortbow)

Gear: Valkyrie weapons, Valkyrie armor,
Berserker Amulet and Earrings (berserker gems), Valkyrie Rings (berserker gems)

Runes: 6/6 Superior Rune of Melandru
Food (important): Bowl of Lemongrass Poultry Soup ( -40% condition duration on self and +70 vitality), Sharpening stones (+Power)

How to Perform:

Start in midline. Once front line engages the enemy group, Pre-cast Cloak and dagger (Dagger #5) and immediately hit Steal (F1) to the enemy CLOSEST to your driver (Ex: Pancakez), this will shadowstep you to that enemy and stealth you. Proceed to backstab that target, then drop Tripwire (Utility) and then Dagger storm (Elite). If your group is doing well after you dagger storm, continue to cloak and dagger enemies and backstab them and finish them off with heartseeker (Dagger #2). If your group is struggling hit signet of shadows, switch to shortbow, and back out a little bit Then drop choking gas (Shortbow #4) on the most bunched up enemies and drop a Cluster bomb (Shortbow #2) on the choking gas field, rinse and repeat for even more weakness on the enemy.

If you are a lot of damage, Withdraw (Healing slot) immediately followed by Roll for Initiative (utility) and switch to shortbow and Infiltrator's arrow (#6) if you still have enemies around you.

This build also doubles as a Scout for the group, and will perform well in roaming situations.

Traits: 10/0/30/30/0
Arms: IV
Defense: II, X, XI
Tactics: II, VII, XII

Healing Power: Healing Surge

Utilities: Balanced Stance, "Shake it Off!", and "For Great Justice"

Weapons: Sword/warhorn, Hammer (Hammer needs to be Berserker)

Sigils: Superior Sigil of restoration on Hammer, Superior Sigil of Bloodlust on Sword, and Superior Sigil of Battle on Warhorn

Armor: Knights armor, Knights Amulet and Rings. Berserker Earrings. Mix of Emerald and Ruby Jewels in Trinkets)

Runes: 6/6 Superior Rune of Rage

Build Link: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?fIAQNBiYDbkzJGu5R5BHOggeohcxWYKcEpHkxAmGA-j0yAYLBZyBABBiEBnALiGbpsIas6FMVZSVnCyejFV7PCmQA9XAA-w

Traits: 0/0/15/30/25
Wilderness Survival: VI
Nature Magic: IV, VI, XII
Beastmastery: II, IV
Build link: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?fMAQNBHhVakoqxuvyrC1OQ0PwpPD0TL3jS5/TNhaA-jkCBoLCiUDQkDAkIgZRFRjtEsIas6FYKVAqVLq2joIa1SBAxYA-w

Healing slot: Healing Spring
Utilities: Muddy Terrain, Signet of Renewal, Stone Spirit
Elite: Entangle

Weapons: Axe/Warhorn, Shortbow
Sigils: Superior Sigil of Restoration (axe), Superior Sigil of Battle (Warhorn), Superior Sigil of Life (Shortbow)

Gear: PVT (Power Toughness Vitality) Weapons, Cleric armor, Apothecary jewels with Carion gems.
Runes: Superior Rune of the Mad king (6/6)
Pet: Black Moa/Pink Moa/Blue Moa

How to perform:
Stay in mid-line. Wait to send your pet in till later. Drop muddy terrain on the closest bunch of enemies and entangle (elite), and hit them with Short bow #2. Then drop Stone spirit and switch to Axe/Warhorn. Hit closest enemy bunch with Winter's bite (Axe #2) and send your pet in, then hit the closest enemies with your pet F2 ability, then Splitblade (Axe #2), then Hunter's call (Axe #4). If friendly targets are having trouble pull your pet back and as he is returning hit your Signet of Renewal. Try and save your Healing spring for when water bombs are called for by the driver.


Alternate Builds:

Traits: 0/0/10/30/30
Valor: IV
Honor: III, X, XII

Build Link: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?fUAQJASWlYgqCnFyMEf4ES2jVKBXQsHa0HtRXFSIA-j0CBoLBiaAicAILqIasFhTjt6KI6FY6SAKVLq2jDwlgRrWIg+jBA-w

Healing skill: Signet of Resolve
Utilities: Purging Flames, "Hold the line!", "Stand your ground!", Renewed Focus

Weapons: Staff, Hammer

Sigils: Superior Sigil of restoration on Hammer, Superior Sigil of Life on Staff

Armor: Soldier's/Sentinel's Weapons,Cleric's Armor, Cleric's Accessories+Rings+Amulet. Azurite jewel in Amulet, Sapphire jewel in everything else

Runes: 2x Runes of Water, 4x Runes of Altruism

The staff is for #3 skill while we're running, #5 skill and Line of Warding in the middle of the enemy zerg to break them up and #4 skill on staff to heal us. Then you have the hammer for the #5 skills which is GREAT crowd control. Remember to Use *Purging Flames* on your group after your initial push through the enemy zerg.. Virtue of Courage is an AOE stun break for the entire group (has a 1200 range internally), use it on the first push through the enemy group.

Traits: 20/0/10/20/20
Strength: I, VIII
Defense: II
Tactics: I, VII
Discipline: V, IX
Build Link: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?fIAQRBMPdG2IoT2btjMEUkABVQDNK6BiQpAPcjkCxYAB-j0yAYsBRTOAoIwkFQSEUCsIaslxioxqXwUlCpqzI7NKiWtMAMLA-w

Healing Slot: Mending
Utility slots: "Shake it off", Endure Pain, Balance stance
Elite slot: Signet of Rage

Weapons: Sword/Axe, and Axe/Warhorn
Superior Sigil of Restoration (on Sword), Superior Sigil of Fire (on Off hand Axe),
Superior Sigil of Battle (on Main hand Axe), Superior Sigil of Perception (on Warhorn)

Gear: Knight Weapons, Knight armor, and Knight Rings (with Berserker gems) . Berserker Amulet and Earrings (all with berserker gems).

Runes: Superior Rune of Melandru (6/6)

How to perform:
You are in the Front line. Start in Sword/Axe. Hit Balanced stance just before entering the fight and Once your group engages the enemy, Immediately hit the nearest target with Savage Leap (Sword #2)
Then immediately hit them with your adrenaline ability (F1) Flurry, *IF have 2 bars or more of adrenaline*
Then hit Dual strike (Axe #4) on the nearest enemy, and then use Whirling Axe (Axe #5) which does intense damage and you can move while spinning. Then use your Stomp utility, and switch to Axe/Warhorn and hit Call to Arms (Warhorn #5). If the fight is still not won, hit Rampage (Elite) and use your abilities of that form as you see fit without running off too far from the driver.

Traits: 0/0/30/30/10
Valor: IV, VI, XI
Honor: II, VIII, XI
Virtues: VI

Healing Slot: Shelter
Utilities: "Stand Your ground", "Hold the Line", Hallowed Ground
Elite: Renewed Focus
Weapons: Hammer, Staff
GEAR: PVT weapons, Knights armor. Mix of knights, Zerker, and Valkyrie Trinkets

Note: Your Hammer #5 is very important to use on bunched up enemies, So is Hammer #3. Hammer #2 is good for damage and for Healing bombs.
After we engage a group and you have used your Hammer #5 and Hammer #3, switch to staff and keep applying your #3, #5, and auto attacking (#1) as needed. Staff #1 is much better then Hammer #1 for striking a lot of enemies.

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